House amplifier AHS-310 (D) with a split range

48 nominal dollars
60 nominal dollars (D)
AHS-310-e.jpg AHS-310vnutri-e.jpg

* It is intended for average and big distribution systems
* TV range is divided in two subranges
* Independent "push-pull" amplifiers in each of the subranges
* Amplitude frequency characteristic level and slope adjustment in each of the subranges
* Passive reverse channel
* Mains-operated and remote supply
* Possibility of transit supply
* Test output
* F-type connectors
* Hermetic molded case made from aluminium alloy with a design protection index IP63

Frequency band AHS-310/R30(D) First subrange 47 - 400 MHz
Second subrange 470 - 862 MHz
Return channel channel 5 - 30 MHz
Frequency band AHS-310/R65D First subrange 84 - 400 MHz
Second subrange 470 - 862 MHz
Return channel 5 - 65 MHz
Gain in each of the subranges First subrange 33 dB
Second subrange 35 dB
Maximum output level (DIN45004) First subrange 116 dB/µV (270 MHz)
Second subrange 116 dB/µV (850 MHz)
Amplitude-frequency characteristic unevenness ±0.7 dB
Output and input SWR ≤ 2
Depth of output level control 20 dB
Depth of amplitude frequency characteristic slope control First subrange 18 dB
Second subrange 10 dB
Attenuation at the test output 20 dB
Voltage supply/consumption current ~190-250V/50Hz/9VA
or 24-65V/50Hz/7VA
Dimensions 225x175x85 mm