House amplifier AH-360 ALC with an AGC function


* It is intended for average and big
house distribution systems
* Wide dynamic range
* Tuneable equalizer and attenuator
* AGC system according to a pilot-signal
* Possibility of supply transit
* Active or passive reverse channel
* Level control in the active forward channel
* Mains-operated and a distantly supplied
* Hermetic molded case made from aluminium alloy with a design protection index IP63

Direct channel Range 48(84) - 862 MHz
Gain 35 dB
Amplitude-frequency characteristic unevenness ±0.7 dB
Maximum output level 119 dB/µV (850 MHz)
Noise ratio 8 dB
SWR 1.7
Signal strength depression at a control bend 25 ± 1 dB
Depth of amplification control 20 dB
Depth of amplitude frequency characteristic slope control 18 dB
Return channel Frequency range 5(12)-30 MHz
or 5(12)-65 MHz
Passive reverse channel transmission gain -1 dB
Active reverse channel transmission gain 18 dB
Amplitude-frequency characteristic unevenness ±0.5 dB
Depth of amplification control 20 dB
SWR 1.7
Maximum output level 115 dB/μV
AGC system Amplifier input signals under which the system is active 95-110 dB/μV
Depth of automatic level control ±0.5 dB
Accuracy of amplifer output level maintenance ±0.5 dB
Pilot-signal frequency Any channel from 1 to 69 set by an operator
Voltage supply/consumption current ~24-65V/50Hz/11VA
Current transit 2 A
Dimensions 225x175x85 mm

Amplifier Designation

АН-360 ALC    - series designation
R 0530     - a 5-30 MHz reverse channel
R 0565     - a 5-65 MHz reverse channel
R 1230     - a 12-30 MHz reverse channel
R 1265     - a 12-65 MHz reverse channel
А    - an active reverse channel
D    - a remote supply
S    - two equal outputs
T    - two outputs: -1dB and -10dB.

Example in case of an order

АН 360 ALC R1230 ASD - an amplifer with a 12-30 MHz channel with two equal outputs and a remote supply