VHF House amplifier AН-200

30 nominal dollars


* It is intended for big house distribution systems
* "Push-pull" design scheme
* Built-in attenuator and equalizer
* Mains-operated
* Test output
* Possibility of cascade operation
* Possibility of supply transit
* F-type connectors

Frequency band (forward channel) 47 - 270 MHz
Gain 33 dB
Maximum output level (DIN 45004) 120 dB/µV (270MHz)
Amplitude-frequency characteristic unevenness ±0.5 dB
Noise ratio not higher than 6 dB
Depth of output level control 20 dB
Depth of amplitude frequency characteristic level control 18 dB
Output and input SWR not higher than 1.5
Voltage supply/consumption current 220V/50Hz/8VA
Dimensions 180x120x50mm