ABDA 5.1 Antenna bidirectional ethernet amplifier


An antenna bidirectional Ethernet amplifier is used together with the radio modems of the 5,15...5,35, 5,75...5,85GHz (EEE 802.11a) range operating in a semi-duplex mode. It is intended to increase operation distance. A built-in band pass filter enables operation in the conditions of strong noises.


An antenna TA-Ethernet is intended for operation with a bidirectional antenna Ethernet amplifier.
Gain 30dB, 34dB, 36dB (when d of the dish is 0,6m, 0,9m, 1,2m), polarization kind - linear

Product specifications
Common features Operating frequency range (to order) 5.15 - 5.35 GHz
5.75 - 5.85 GHz
Operation mode semi-duplex
Switchover time 0.5 μs
Operating temperature range -40...+50 о С
Voltage supply 12 V
Consumption current (min/max) 0.25 A / 0.8 A
Supply voltage to amplifier over drop cable (using power adapter)
Breaking capacity (threshold) 0.5 mW
Weigh of amplifier 2.6 kg
Hermetic molded case
Transmission amplifier Maximum amplification in transmission path 25 dB
Maximum output power 200 mW
Average output power of dual tone signal when third degree frequency combination -50dBc 16 mW
AGC availability supporting output signal level 12...200 mW (to order)
Maximum input power 50 mW
Receiving amplifier Gain in receiving path 15 dB
Noise ratio 4.5 dB