ABDA 1.9 Antenna bidirectional Ethernet amplifier

Fig. 1 - The appearance of ABDA 1.9/1 without built-in band pass filter

Fig. 2 - The appearance of ABDA 1.9/1 with built-in band pass filter

An antenna bidirectional amplifier DECT is used together with DECT base stations operating in a semi-duplex mode and is intended for increasing of operation distance.
Energizing is effected with the help of a power supply PS-106/12-1 (it is not included into a delivery set).
Delivery of the DECT amplifier with a band pass filter is possible. It enables operation in the condition of strong noises from GSM signals. Filter features are given in fig.4.

Fig. 3 - Structure scheme of ABDA 1.9/1

Fig.4 - Amplitude frequency characteristic of band pass filter

Product specifications
Common features Operating frequency range 1.88 - 1.9 GHz
Operation mode semi-duplex
Switchover time <= 1 µs
Operating temperature range -30...+50 о С
Voltage supply +12 V
Current consumption 0.4 A
Breaking capacity (threshold) reception-transmission 0.5 mW
Weigh of amplifier 0,5 kg
Transmission amplifier Gain 6 dB
Output power 1 W
Receiving amplifier Gain 4...6 dB
Noise ratio 4 dB