AA-100 Multiband antenna summators

* They are intended for signal summation from various antennas in individual reception   systems. They simplify installation of over-the-air antennas because channel numbers and   input quantity e.i. a necessary set of bandpass filters, HF and LF filters, rejection filters are   defined by a customer
* Maximum input quantity - 6 (2 outputs are possible)
* Input supply
* Pass-through supply from outputs to input(s) is possible
* Summators have dampproof case made for outdoor installation on mast (see photo)
* F-type connectors

AMB-104 Product specifications
Summed signal attenuation not more 2 dB
FM-range rejection (100-108MHz) 30 dB
Selectivity, under frequency mismatch of ±8MHz not less 18 dB
When having UHF amplifier UHF input gain not less 18 dB
Noise ratio not higher 2 dB
Voltage supply/Consumption current 12V / 0.06A

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